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Levolor Vertical Blinds offer a stylish solution for large windows and sliding doors. Learn more in this short video.
Length: 0:48

Want to preserve the view of a large, picturesque window? Vertical blinds are the traditional choice for covering sliding glass doors for patios and porches. Learn more about the benefits and features to find out if they're right for you.
Length: 1:40

Installing vertical blinds just takes a few simple steps. Save time and money by learning to do it yourself in this short video. ...
Length: 2:58

Learn how to correctly install Vertical Blinds in this short step-by-step guide. Hanging blinds yourself can save time and installation fees. ...
Length: 3:24

The Levolor Vertical Blinds Backstacker pulls vanes to one side starting with the last vane rather than the first. This allows for easier movement and reduces excessive swaying of vanes. ...
Length: 0:12

Bali Vertical Blind with One Touch Wand Control eliminates dangling cords by using a single wand which rotates vanes and opens and closes the blinds. Learn more in this short video.
Length: 0:36

Measuring for Vertical Blinds is simple, it's just 2 easy steps. In this short video you'll see just how easy it is to measure for an outside mount...
Length: 1:55

Measuring for Vertical Blinds just takes 2 easy steps. Follow these instructions for a perfect fit every time. ...
Length: 1:32

Learn how to measure for Outside Mount Bali Vertical Blinds and Sliding Panels in this short video from
Length: 2:31

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