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Learn how to decide whether Inside or Outside Mount installation type works best for your windows in this short video.

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Thank you choosing Bali customer window treatments. This short video will give you all the information you need to decide whether to install new customer window treatment as an inside mount or outside mount. Inside mount lines and shades are installed inside the window casing, whereas outside mount are mounted outside the window casing directly on the windows moving all on the wall above. Your best reason for choosing your inside mount is that offers a clean look. Installing inside the window casing helps frame your window treatment, and other reason for choosing an inside mount is to showcase attractive window moving. It also allows some space on deep windows.

For some deep set windows, window treatments can be installed through our plants, for other items to be placed on the ceiling on front of the blind. For an inside mount you need enough window that to install your window treatment. That requirements vary by type of blind or shade. see bali measuring guides on for more details. There are some limitations to inside mount, foremost is that small like gaps can occur on the side of each blind or shade affecting its ability to darken the room. This is due to the manufacturer taking a small size deduction in with to allow proper operation of the blind or shade. Also, obstructions, such as handles or cranks can interfere with he operations of the inside mount treatments. Lastly, with an inside mount due to he outside can be obstructed. The step the compressed portion of the window treatment when fully raised, move obstruct part of the vie w fully from the window. You can avoid this by mounting the blind or shade as an outside mount, and mounting it high enough to provide a clear open view. There are number of other reasons to choose outside mount.

If your main goal is to improve privacy and light control, then outside mount may be your best options as like lights gaps on the sides are of the shades are significantly reduced or eliminated altogether. If your windows have handles or cranks, and outside mount can clear obstacles, also outside mount s provides an easy way to hide window moving. But in some cases may be beneficial, Just be sure you have clear space around to window to clear window treatment. Lastly because the overlap is increased above and below the window outside mount of shades can make small windows appear larger. The only limitation to using outside mount is the required surface on or above the window moving. This is because the installation hardware used to mount your window of treatment, only there is at least 2 inches of flat surface. Now you now the best way to mount your new your bali customer window treatments. Remember to visit for more information on measuring, ordering and installation. It's quick and easy.

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