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Our SureFit Guarantee provides complete peace of mind and guarantees that your custom window covering will fit. This exclusive benefit allows for risk-free buying. Learn more in this short

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The video is easy to understand.
Your radio advert implies ALL products have this guarantee, but I found out (TOO LATE) that they don't!
I did not know you have a guarantee
Excellent presentation
Great Guarantee!
It is nice to know you understand that sometimes we the people measure wrong
You wasted my time, I just wanted to know how to measure. I can read the guarantee on the website!
got all of my questions answered
Very good video
it told me what to look for
simple,easy, instructions.
Keeps cutting off
good info
guarantee correct size importent
no, it didn't say anything
I knew about the guarantee was looking for measuring directions
Explained the Sure Fit policy which I didn't know about before
straight forward but did require review of legnthy policy
so far good
Good Pesentation
It never actually gave any info on HOW to measure
answered my question
Couldn't see it completley.
answered questions concerning return of non fitting blinds
thought it would be more detailed on what to measure.
I had written down two mesurements, and ordered the wrong length. I was worried about return shipping. All my others fit great, and this is a company I will reccomend, and deal with again. Thank you!
it was very reassuring
It gave me confidence
made me relax while shopping
Because even though I use the "Measure twice....Cut once" approach. I still have made mistakes on measuring.
very thorough
LEft me feeling confident about the purchase
good insurance in case of mistakes
Did not show me how to measure
Helpful, but not absolutely clear when/where the measuring videos are
gave me peace of mind
Familiar with this, from radio ad's.
1min. from box to window
It didn't tell me how to measure and I keep looking and can't find it!
how about showing us how to actually measure it, rather than an ad for it.
nicely explained
How do I measure
Gave me more confidence in the company.
Made me feel more confident in measuring ans ordering online.
I had hoped it would have instructions on installing the backets
good presentation
very helpful, it solved my problem
good to know...but tell us how to measure without going to another place to find the video on it
IT told me that you value your customers.
It told me what I need to do and gives me more confidence in purchasing your product.
Explained about Surefit clearly
Explained the Surefit guarantee
Want to watch measuring instructions
I wanted to see how the measurement was performed. If it was Jam to jam or if I had to deduct half an inch from the total measurement.
easy to understand
Provided confidence in ordering.
didn't know about the 100% return guarantee, shipping covered.
was curios
self explanatory
no explanation
lack of explication
dont know
It was supposed to tell me how to measure my windows and it didn't show anything.
Wanted to know how to measure
I was lead to believe that the video would show me how to measure in order to get crorrectly fitted blinds. Instead, it just talked about sure fit guarantee. I still need to know the bet method for accurately sizing my blinds.
It did not explain how to measure.
It was very helpful to know this information because i am about to order a few blinds
hlepful but misleading
it didn't explain how to measure
gave me the complete understanding of the helped me understand process better
somwwhat - I didn't see how to measure the blind!
Was looking for the measurement instruction in TXT. Didmt even give the video version nor cn I find on website.
haven't seen the 2 minute video yet
very helpful. Thanks.
interested in the sure-fit guarantee
clearly delivered message
liked the guarantee + free return shipping
Tall me how to measure
Explanation was clear and simple
encouraged me to go on
very important information
no comment
rate 5
very helpful
it should demonstrate measuring
it didn't tell me how to measure!
it did not tell me how to measure
knowing if you make an error,your not stuck with a product you cant use
Good demonstration.
I can order the blinds now, and not worry about them not fitting.
Didnotactually explain how to measureproperly.
Felt good about measuring myself
i heard about you on Rush and wanted to check you out. i will be back
yes - I thought you had to pay, like an insurance.
i need to know how to measure
New info to me.
Helpful because it explained the guarantee succinctly and as completely as I believe I would need. It was short (couple of minutes) so I didn't feel like it took too much of my time away from what I really want to do: Find blinds for our home.
No specific measurement instructions were given.
explained the guarentee
What Is The SureFit Guarantee?  - image 1 from the video

What Is The SureFit Guarantee?  - image 2 from the video

What Is The SureFit Guarantee?  - image 3 from the video

What Is The SureFit Guarantee?  - image 4 from the video

What Is The SureFit Guarantee?  - image 5 from the video

What Is The SureFit Guarantee?  - image 6 from the video

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What Is The SureFit Guarantee?  - image 8 from the video

What Is The SureFit Guarantee?  - image 9 from the video

What Is The SureFit Guarantee?  - image 10 from the video

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