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Video: How to Choose the Perfect Window Covering - (ORIGINAL VERSION)

How to Choose the Perfect Window Covering - (ORIGINAL VERSION) » HowToChooseWindowTreatmentsBcom - Video Gallery
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How to Choose the Perfect Window Covering - (ORIGINAL VERSION)

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Need help choosing the perfect window treatments? In this short video, we'll talk to experts for real and valuable insight.


Need help choosing the perfect window treatments? In this short video, we'll talk to experts for real and valuable insight.

Need help choosing the perfect window covering? There are six questions you need to ask yourself to help you narrow down your choices from millions to the right one for you, they are:
1)    How much light do you want to let in?
2)    How important is insulation?
3)    What kind of visual impact do you want to make?
4)    How important is child and pet safety?
5)    What color do you want?
6)    And last, how much do want to spend?
We'll talk to specialists for real and valuable insight.

Host:Ann has been a design specialist with since 1997.  “Ann, how does someone decide how much light they want to let in?

Ann (Blinds Expert): “Well first they have to decide if they want a blind or a shade. This will help them to determine if they want total or variable light blockage. By definition a blind has movable slides. They give you control over the light in your room. Wood blinds are our customer’s top pick, followed by faux wood and plantation shutters. Shades on the other hand are made of one continuous piece of fabric. And when lowered, can’t be tilted open. They come in different degrees of light filtration. Some let light come through for a brighter room while still giving you privacy. Some darken the room. And others completely block light from coming in when they're lowered. The top-down bottom-up option is available in most shades, so you can actually lower the top of the shade to let a lot of light in while still maintaining your privacy. Cellular shades are the most popular, followed by roman shades, roller shades, and sheer shadings. Shades also insulate well since they're one continuous piece.

Host: Speaking of heating and cooling, I'm here with Debra, an expert in how to insulate your home using blinds and shades. “Debra, what's the best way to keep your energy bill from driving you crazy?”

Debra (Blinds Expert): “Well, with electricity prices as high as they are, saving money on heating and cooling is on almost all of my customer's minds. Double and triple cell honeycomb shades trap air within the cells, creating a cushion of heat in the winter, and cool air in the summer. For a more formal or traditional look, plantation shutters are beautiful and great insulators. Try either of these and you'll immediately notice a big difference in your energy bill and your comfort level, not only that, they look great too,”

Host: Whether you want your window treatments to look great, or look like they're not there at all when they're raised, next you should consider what kind of visual impact you want to make. “Patricia, can you tell us more about that?”

Patricia (Blinds Expert): “Well, some people prefer to have naked windows so that they don't block their view and also so that they don't clutter their decor. But, sometimes they still need privacy. So, I would suggest going with the honeycomb shades or the pleated light filtering shades. These stack so high that you're not going to be able to notice them. And you can also lower them for privacy, so your neighbors won't be able to see what you're having for breakfast. The cordless option looks really nice and streamlined too. If you're trying to add color, warmth, and pizazz, consider draperies, valences, and roman shades. For a traditional look, there are plantation shutters, or for a more modern approach, check out great looking sliding woven wood panels.”

Host: I'm here with Annette, a safety expert. “Annette, if you have active kids and pets, which blinds and shades are best?”

Annette (Blinds Expert): “Well, having children and pets myself, I want products that are durable, and resist wear and tear. Customers absolutely love wood and faux wood shutters which are beautiful and virtually indestructible. Next they choose heavy gauge aluminum blinds which are resistant to bending and tearing, plus they're less expensive. Keep in mind that most products can be ordered with safety options such as cordless and continuous cord loop. Also if at times your home is a little more zoo than museum, order shutters or blinds over shades because they're more durable. Most window treatments are available in a wide range of colors and prices.”

Host: Chris is a certified customer care specialist who has lots of experience helping customers choose the right color for the right price. “Chris, what do you tell your customers?”

Chris (Blinds Expert):  “If my customers are looking to match a color specifically, I suggest that they go with shades, verticals, and aluminum blinds. They come in more colors, patterns, and textures than say faux wood blinds or wood blinds do. On the other hand, wood and faux wood blinds are classic. They're great neutral colors, and they work perfectly if you have other wood in the room. Another option is to choose a neutral blind or shade with a colorful valence or a drapery to soften the look. You might think you can't afford window coverings, but the truth is every home can benefit from them. They'll save you money in the long run, and there are tons of affordable options.”

Host: “Becky, can you tell customers how they can find great blinds and shades in their price range?”

Becky (Blinds Expert): “Sure. If you're shopping on a budget, I would go for faux wood, aluminum or even roller shades. Um, you'll be really surprised at the look they can create and plus your neighbors will be even more surprised by how little you paid for them. The good news is that a lot of products people consider to be luxury, like wood blinds, can actually be found at very low prices online.”

Host: If you're still unsure about which product is perfect for you, go online to, then order your free samples to see the products in your home. Happy shopping!

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