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Video: How to Measure for Bali Outside Mount Blinds and Shades

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How to Measure for Bali Outside Mount Blinds and Shades

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Learn how to measure for Outside Mount Bali Blinds and Shades in this short video.

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Learn how to measure for Outside Mount Bali Blinds and Shades in this short video.

Thank you for choosing Bali custom window treatments. Getting a proper fit and beautiful look is easy. Just follow these simple steps to correctly measure window treatments installed outside the window casing, called an Outside Mount. Before you start you'll need two items, a sharp pencil and a steel tape measure, don’t use a cloth measuring tape as it could stretch or twist. Then visit for the Bali Measuring Guide, a useful document that will walk you through the measuring process, provide you with detailed information, a worksheet, and tips.

For example, if covering more than one window in a room, make sure to measure each window as there may be slightly variations. Also, be sure to identify each window’s location by assigning letters or numbers. We can label the shipping packages, insuring you install the correct blind or shade on the appropriate window. Use the worksheet to record your measurements and window locations. Before measuring, check the area above the window molding or on the window molding for a flat surface of at least 2”. This area is necessary to mount the brackets needed for installing your window treatment.

The first measurement you'll need is the width of the window. Measure the width you would like covered. We recommend 1 ½” of overlap on each side of the window opening for a total of at least 3” of overlap. For solar shades or roller shades we recommend you overlap 3” on each side for a total of 6”. This will provide optimum light control and privacy. You may want to include even more overlap if you want to fully cover your window trim. Record measurement on your worksheet

Next you'll need to determine the location for the headrail, or top of the window treatment. Remember, you will need at least 2” of flat surface to mount the brackets. They can either be on the window molding or above it, on the wall. If you want a clear view to the outside when the window treatment is open, you’ll want to place the top of the window treatment higher up on the wall. Once you have determined this location mark the spot. Then measure the height of the window. Measure from the height to be covered from the top of the window treatment location to the top of the sill; or lower if you would like your window treatment to overlap your sill or molding. Now record your height measurement.

And that's all there is to measuring a window for an Outside Mount.  Remember these key points; always use a steel tape measure, take measurements to the nearest 1/8” and double-check your measurements, visit for a printable Bali Measuring Guide.  One last tip, there are no size deductions on Outside Mount installation; the blind will be manufactured to the size you provide. Now that you know how to measure for an Outside Mount you are ready to make your final window treatment selections to place your order.


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