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Sometimes referred to as "privacy" or “no-holes” blinds, routeless blinds are an excellent choice when you require maximum light control in a horizontal blind.  Because it is normal for a small amount of light to show through the holes, you may desire more light blockage and privacy, if so, order routeless blinds. Routeless blinds eliminate traditional rout holes, replacing them with notches on the side of each slat at all ladder positions, resulting in superior privacy and better blockage of light. You’ll also benefit with increased energy efficiency and slats that can be removed for easy cleaning

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I did not know what routless meant.
it explained everything simply and quickly
demonstration of light blocking and ease of cleaning
I didn't know what routeless blinds meant.
Covered everything
I did not know what a routeless blind was. Now I prefer them.
easy to see what they are
great demonstration great demonstration
it was hlepful to see that you can remove the strips, hwever, how do you clean the cords that keep them together/
I have faux cherry color in bedroom and bathroom they are a horrible to clean. It seems the dust sticks to it terrible to clean. I wanted to get them for large area in living room but very high windows not sure how to keep them clean??
Had never heard of this before
Great idea! Not only blocks the light- which is what I want- but SO EASY to clean!
It showed me something I didn't know or even consider.
I could see the difference between the two.
Very, I've never seen routeless blinds.
Informative and easy to work with.
Very clear and informative
thats what everyone wants its perfect !!!
short and to the point
Explained everything I needed to know about routeless blinds
It showed the difference with where the hole are in a regular blind and then side by side comparison of the routeless blind.
Because we could get a good view of the routless blinds, and helped us make up our mind on this option.
Clear and well defined concepts!
It explained what routeless blinds is.
I have never heard of routeless blinds. Very impressive!!!
Explained difference btwn the two types
Yes. Was not sure what it meant
five star
clearly discussed the advantages
Did not know how they were designed to block out light.
Thoroughly explained routless blinds
No mention of replacement slats, durability, cost, thickness and sizing...
didn't know what it was
never knew there were routeless blinds
didn't realize the slats could be removed. I like this feature a lot and will be getting these.
I didn't realize there was such a thing; glad to be informed
easy cleaning, less light leakage, energy efficiency
wanted to see what the cords looked like
visual made the term routless very clear
a visual is alway better
i didn't know what routeless meant

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