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Inside Mount Wood and Fauxwood Blinds are easy to install! In this short video, you will learn how to install them.

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Horizontal blinds are easy to install, in this short video you will learn to install them. A screwdriver is all that’s needed to install your blinds; or for an easier installation you can use a cordless screwdriver or a drill with a ¼” Hex head bit. Before starting, carefully unpack your blinds and mounting hardware. To familiarize yourself with the contents of your box, check the printed instructions included with your product. Begin your installation by positioning your mounting brackets to the top of the window away from the glass. For easiest installation we recommend positioning the brackets all the way to the front of your window opening. To make it easier to fasten your screws, create starter holes by tapping a screw with a hammer into any two side bracket holes. Fasten 2 screws to secure your first bracket. Install the right side bracket and any additional support brackets that may be included. Next, snap the included valance clips over the front lip of your headrail before mounting the blind.  Space your valance clips evenly, avoiding contact with any mechanism inside the top of the blind. Slide your headrail into the brackets, this should go in easily. Completely close the covers on your brackets by pressing up on the bottom of your bracket with your thumbs while lowering the front part of the bracket until the cover snaps into place. To complete your installation, snap the valance into your pre-installed clips, top first and then bottom. Finish by lowering and testing your new blinds. To lower your blind, pull the cord toward the center of your blind and slowly raise your hand while holding onto the cord. To raise your blinds, pull the lift cord away from your blind at any angle. To tilt your slats, your blind will come with either a tilt cord or a wand. Either pull the tilt cord or rotate the wand to open and close your slats to the desired angle. And that’s it, if you still have any questions about the installation of your blinds just give us a call, it’s that easy. 

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very helpful!!!
made it appear very simple & easy
complete, understandable description
Doesn't show how to install valance that came with my blinds. I received different valance clips than those shown in video
Very concise and great photography
because i actually understood it
I wanted detailed demo for mounting the center bracket. The end bracket installation is intuitive.
You show a 1/4" hex head bit for the drill yet You use a screwdriver. The hardware for the valance is wrong. Consider mounting options for basement windows that are cased around foundation block walls. I used plastic anchors after drilling appropriate size holes. If you use your provided screws with a 1/4" hex head and mount thru the top of the bracket, the rail will only fit with a little persuading.
it didn't address the problem I had re: lack of depth for the inside frame hardware.
Great jojb!
great visual
should be able to pause to see top part install
very clear and to the point
Could easily follow directions
very simple and straight forward
i like the music.
precise and easy to understand
The brackets in the video don't match mine. and the ones I have are impossible to re-open. They're very cheap and hard to work with. I caled support - wait time was 17 mins. I opted for a call-back -- it didn't happen.
I haven't installed them yet, and the woman spoke too, too fast.
Just wanted a refresher video before ordering
explained exactly what i needed to do.
Good to see a visual of how far the brackets would need to be from window.
very vague on how and where to install centre support and how to install valance
excellent demo
Still need additional info
We ordered inside mount blinds with a 3/4 return valance. There is no instructions on how to attach the return to the blind and the valance mounting hardware does not work unless we mount the blind with a slight overhang. Which would look absolutely ridiculous.
nice video very helpfull thanks
Little details not covered. This shows textbook install... .but better than nothing.
Needed to continue to show how to shorten and remove the excess louvers st the bottom
I could see what the instructions are referring to.
Clear info
An inspiring actress demostrator, Thanks!
I tried to take the blind off I got it off the cllips at the back but I can't remove it. My cord does not work
need to kinow siize of brackets for 1 inch blinds
it does not show how to install the valance
did not answer questions about center support pieces
helpful on depth of window
went too quickly in how to install valance
told exactley what i needed and made it very simple to understand.
the video was more thorough than the printed instructions and was easy to understand.
I need to know how to reduce the length of my wood 2 inch blind
made it look easy
very helpfull
Did not show how to install suppot brackets. Just mentioned it. Printed instructions very vague.
Instructions were right to the point and having it on video made it that much easier to put into action.
thourough and clear
First of all the clips on this video are different from the ones in the box and their is this clear palstic "thing" in the box dont know what its for it doesnt show in the video or the instructions in the box
Other than the mounting brackets, no idea what the rest of the hardware I received is
The video was very helpful. It is easier to install once you visualize it.
very helpful
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