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Measuring for Vertical Blinds is simple, it's just 2 easy steps. In this short video you'll see just how easy it is to measure for an outside mount

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Measuring for vertical blinds is simple – it’s just 2 easy steps. In this short video you will see just how easy it is to measure for an Outside Mount. Outside mount blinds are a good choice if an inside mount is not possible due to little or no window depth. Outside mount blinds are mounted outside the window opening on either the wood trim frame or adjacent flat surface area. The product details page on our web site provides information on how much flat space is required around your window to install your blinds. When you specify an outside mount, we will not take any size deductions – your blind will be made at the exact size you specify. When measuring for any window covering, it is important to use a steel measuring tape and round to the nearest 1/8” of an inch increment. Your first step is to determine the width of the blind you will order. If you have trim around your window, simply measure to the far edges of your trim from left to right. If your window opening has no trim around it, measure a distance from point A to point B that includes any extra width you may desire for light gap coverage and privacy. We recommend adding 2” to 3” to each side. This will be the width that you will order. Your second step is to determine you’re the height of the blind you will order. If your window has a protruding sill, start from the sill and measure 3” beyond the top of your window opening in order to accommodate for mounting hardware. If your window sill does not protrude, we suggest you begin your measurement 2”-3” below the sill for maximum coverage and then measure to 3” beyond the top of your window opening to accommodate your hardware. Record your measurement to the nearest 1/8” increment; this is the height you will order. We will not take any size deductions or additions – your blind will be made the exact size you specify. Now that you have completed these 2 simple steps you are ready to place your order, it’s that easy.

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very articulate in the instruction
You don't tell how wide to order if you want the vanes to be completely off the window when open.
It told me that the measurements we give will not be altered. I was initially confused about additions for the top hardware, but htis video answered that (and more) questions! Thanks - great job! :)
Cut the music
Made measuring easy and precise
one picture speaks a thousand words
great, concise info, though I watched it twice, so I could be sure.
Floor to Ceiling measurements? I deduct 1/2 inch so the blinds don't touch the floor. Does that measurement include the track?
It makes it look so easy!
It help me out, by showing how measure
I have been searching your site for an explanation of the stack option control side on a one-way stack vertical blind. Having found none, I have to assume that the control side is the side where the opening of the vertical blind will begin.
plalin and simple instructions
very helpful
It answered my questions.
have never installed vertical blinds.
Completely unambiguous info and not hard to look at the hostess either.
did not show how to measure for patio sliding doors.
I didn't know whether to order outside or inside hangings and this showed me the difference. I went with outside mountings.
I'm still not sure about the height measurement.
told me what i needed to know
Informative. thank you
left out
Measuring made easy!

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