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Close Top & Easter Seals Pajama Day

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A behind the scenes look at the Fox 26 live remote from the Blinds.complex in Houston Texas.


A behind the scenes look at the Fox 26 live remote from the Blinds.complex in Houston Texas.

(Jay):One of the things that we do was, I found, to improve continuously. If we can help improve ourselves, also improve our customer's experience, and especially improve the community, which is Easter Seals does. What better organization than Easter Seals who is always trying to improve people e that are less fortunate. What we do at is (Cameraman):Question and she'll know how to respond. (Jay):Okay. Okay. That's a lot of pressure! (laughter) (People in background):You can do it. But you can do it though. We have faith in you. He can do it though. You can do it! (Jay):We like live TV. (laughter) This is live guys (laughter) (People in background):oh, I'll behave. Oh now look everybody is like, oh no! (Jay):No bunny ears. (Newscaster): Well have you ever felt like just rolling out of bed and heading into work in your pajamas? Well you may see a few people doing just that today, but before you give them a funny look, maybe you should know... they are doing it for a good cause. Joining me this morning to talk about citywide pajama day are some of the people involved in the event. Jay Steinfeld CEO of and Kelly Cline of the Easter Seals Greater Houston. So happy Friday to you guys. Good Morning, Jay lets start with you. I know Easter Seals Greater Houston and John Eagle Honda have actually teamed up for this event and I know your company is participating, so just tell us what it is all about. (Jay): Well, thank you. Well we think that all businesses that are successful must give back to the community, it's an obligation and we at think that to continuously improve is something that we must always do. And to improve other people's lives the way Easter Seals does is something we that feel really good about. It reinforces that core value for us that to improve our customer's lives, our own lives, and what better way to do that than Easter Seals. Every month we choose an organization, and we chose Easter Seals because Easter Seals is one of those organizations that gives back and does improve people's lives. And what better way to show that we have a heart than to choose an organization that has a heart like Easter Seals. (Newscaster): Jay it sounds so wonderful, tell us how do you get involved. (Jay): Well we have a cultural committee that every month that chooses an organization, and whatever organization they believe is most worthy, like Easter Seals this month, that's how we get involved. This time what we have done is they have a pajama drive, and we have participated by having all of our organization contribute pajamas and or money to the cause and what a great cause it is. (Newscaster): You know Jay I know Kelly can't hear us, but if you could actually ask her this question for us. Uh she is from Easter Seals, they do a lot of great work here in the community. Have Kelly tell us about some of the services the organization provides. (Jay): Sure. Kelly they want to know what kind of services that you provide at Easter Seals. (Kelly): Excellent we are so appreciative of and John Eagle Honda cause they're companies that get our mission. Easter Seals Houston serves adults and children with all types of disabilities and their families. Most our families we serve are below poverty level, and we help them all year in accessing help. But during the holidays we especially want to make sure that they the holidays they don't go without warm clothes, coats, pajamas, and with companies like and John Eagle Honda we are able to provide those. Our official citywide pajama day is in full force in this office. (cheering) (Newscaster): And they all look like they are having so much fun, Jay and Kelly thank you so much, and what fun to wear your pjs all day, thank you guys. (Jay):Thank you it's our pleasure to support Easter Seals, thank you. (Kelly): Thank you (laughter) (Kelly):Thank you everybody in Houston, there's lots of schools and other companies that are participating. (unintelligible company),, John Eagle Honda. Companies like this that we would not be able to support our own programs if it weren't for companies like this and donors, and especially in a year such as this it's extremely important and we really appreciate it. Thank you. (Jay): Your welcome. (cheering) (people in background): That was great, that was awesome! Yay 100! (bell ding)

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