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Video: Conversations with Esther - Habitat for Humanity

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Conversations with Esther - Habitat for Humanity

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Esther speaks with Paula McKenzie from Houston Habitat for Humanity regarding the great work that they do in the local community.


Esther speaks with Paula McKenzie from Houston Habitat for Humanity regarding the great work that they do in the local community.

I am here with Paula Mckenzie. she is with, she use to have a talk with humanity and we are having a wonderful chat about what its like to talk about humanity and to work with such a wonderful organization. Can you tell us little bit of habitat and what exactly you guys are doing in 2010. Absolutely, first of all thank you so much for what and your audience has done for us. Of course we love you guys. Well thank you, we like to hear that because you are helping us to continue our mission, building homes and changing life. Because that is what houston habitat for humanity does. I find misconceptions that we give away homes, when actually our faming partners earn 300 hours of sweat at putting. So they are actually doing this is moving down payment in order to become home owners for very first time. And, tell, tell people about some of the incredible programs that you offer, because you don't just ask them to come in and build their house and they get to move in, you are actually to teach them what is like to the home owner and how to be a successful home owner. Exactly, that is part of what houston habitat for humanity does and supporting for our family partners to ensure that they become successful home owners. We have financial classes that they require to attend, we also have home improvement classes, that they can attend in our wear house. As well as , actually we are drawing up will, because this is their first time something they are able to live on to their legacy. Right, well, it's really been interesting. I actually have to take a tour on one of your communities and houses are really beautiful there, they are energy efficient, they are sleek, they are modern, how do you guys go about planning this communities and who actually designs these houses? Well this is done through our land and development staff and also through our board members that are on this particular committee, and this is a long range planning aspect of it, and the neighborhood that i believe you and I one part we are going to have 126 homes there. when this neighborhood is complete and is expected to be completed later this year. Its exciting, its very exciting and as she said also there is huge sense of community with he and the neighborhood, because that's often something we provide our home owners and encourage them to be in part of their home owners association, so they understand what that means to be part of community. That's wonderful, and you actually have another community planned. We do, we are currently also starting building to build an healthy part, with is noth east houston, and will have 62 homes there, when that's complete. It's amazing, it sounds like 2010 is going to be a great year for you guys. Every Exciting, and for your home owners. Exactly, that's right. So where can people find out more about how to habitat community and involved. The best way is to go to our website,, and you can go on to our website to see the opportunities if you like to volunteer, if you are interested in sponsoring, helping us to underwrite, all of that should be on our website. Ok wonderful, and you can also check them on facebook at, right that correct absolutely. Wonderful, well thank you for being here today paul, we really appreciate that and thank you everything you did for the community. Well, thank you we appreciate your fund rising and efforts, these has been a great campaign, than you.

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