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Close Top Awarded 2009 AMA Marketer of the Year

Length: 5:39 Added: Jun-11 Views: 0 Awarded 2009 AMA Marketer of the Year: watch this video featuring products available on

EN ES FR Awarded 2009 AMA Marketer of the Year: watch this video featuring products available on

Congratulations you were nominated for best of category. Yes we were. We're very excited to be here. This is a great honor. Well what does it mean to be nominated but also what if you win? That's why you're hoping, That's why you're nominated and hoping the fact that you might win. I have my gracious loser face prepared, so when we don't win. But if we did win it would be an immense honor. The people that we're nominated against are phenomenal. You see the Rockets, the Andersons, Shell oil. I mean you couldn't be in a better group. So either way you're a winner. Yeah. We already won our category so we're pleased about that. We're really happy to just be here. Well tell us about that. Tell us what has done that's innovative and different and what you're doing as far as marketing and standing out in the crowd. Well is a marketing company that sells blind. So what we like to do is focus on the customer experience. Focus on marketing things that are testable and measurable and ways we can make money without spending too much money. I mean in a recession time that's really important. So that's what we're trying to do. We're trying to just simplify and just focus on the customer experience because our customers, I mean, The blinds market is actually down because you know the housing market is down so much, the blinds market is down about 40 percent. And we managed to stay even and up. We actually were profitable in 2009. So in order to do that we had to cut cut cut and figure out ways we could cut without cutting any staff which we did. So we're very pleased about that and happy that we could do that and now we're here in 2010. Everything is looking rosey. Well tell me, being as far a marketer and with your peers, this has to mean a lot because there is so much competition out there isn't there? There is so much. There is insanes amount of competition. Especially right here in Houston because Houston is such a growing business community. So is just happy to be here and happy to stand out. A lot of people don't even know we're in Houston. So it's kinda cool to be here and be recognized in our own local community because we do love our community and we do support a lot of charities and we try to support other business so we're happy that we have the support of these other businesses too. On behalf of everyone at Kelsey-Seybold, we were so honored to have won last year and we want to extend our congratulations to each of the 40 best of category winners. Now let's find out who won the 2009 Marketer of the Year Award. Ah the envelope. The 2009 Marketer of the Year winner is We actually started, our CEO Jay, he started his window treatment business in 1987, something like that, 1987. And took his business online in 94. He was actually the first person to sell blinds online in the world. So 94 started selling blinds online and then in 2001 launched and the rest is history. Blinds are a product that take a lot of time to buy. They take a lot of customization. You can't just go to the website and push click and buy and add it to your cart. You have to measure. You have to think about your instillation, the colors, the customization, All the options you want.Now books, shoes those things you can add to your cart in two seconds. With blinds you really have to think about it. You have to spend a lot of time investing and purchasing that. So we had to consider that. And that was one of our objectives, converting some of those customers who might go to a big box store and turning them into online customers. So the main thing we had to focus on was focusing on things that weremeasurable. Things that we knew were going to work. Things that we hadn't necessarily tried before but were very targeted. Not spending money on new people. Not spending money on crazy initiatives that we didn't know if they were going to work or not. just focusing, you know being very lazer focused on those. We try and pay attention to what the best companies are doing and take cues from there. So what we've learned is the marketing is about listening to your customers Finding out what they really need, what are their pinpoints and how we could make the process as easy as possible so it was safe, enjoyable, a great experience to buy from us. We also focused on making the online process as easy and seamless as possible. So we invested a lot of time and money and energy into creating tools that make it easy to shop online. One of our main things is we're a marketing company that sells blinds. We don't consider ourselves a blinds company. You know we're very very focused on becoming the best in the world at selling complex customizable products. So whether it's blinds or other things you can customize for your home, eventually we'll launch into those areas. People know about They say hey, What the heck is that? That's in Houston? It's like constant, all the time. And I have to..I think that's part of our job in the marketing department is to be more present in Houston in general so that's why we're so excited to be nominated for marketer of the year is because we are in Houston and we do embrace the community. We do a lot of community service and a lot of outreach to the community. We work with YMCA. We work with Habitat for Humanity, all kinds of organizations and we bring that into our culture here. That's a big big part of what makes our culture so excellent. You can see, it's like a fun house. It's really cool here. Congratulations to as being named the AMA Marketer of the Year. Thanks everyone and have a good evening.

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