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Vertical Blinds from

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Want to preserve the view of a large, picturesque window? Vertical blinds are the traditional choice for covering sliding glass doors for patios and porches. Learn more about the benefits and features to find out if they're right for you.


With vertical slats that run top to bottom, Vertical blinds are the ideal choice for covering sliding glass doors. At, you’ll find fantastic custom options for these tried and true coverings.

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<p>With vertical slats that run top to bottom, Vertical blinds are the ideal choice for covering sliding glass doors. At, you&rsquo;ll find fantastic custom options for these tried and true coverings.&nbsp;</p> <p>Vertical blinds can easily dress sliding glass doors, patio doors, or large picture windows. You can choose how your blinds will stack -- to the left, right, or parting down the middle -- so that you can still keep your favorite view. Considering Vertical blinds tend to see a lot of use, they&rsquo;re made with durable PVC materials to withstand everyday wear and tear. You can even choose faux wood for a more substantial blind with wood texturing. In addition to PVC and faux wood, Vertical blinds are also available with fabric slats for a softer touch. Vertical blinds feature an enormous selection of colors to match any decor, with a range of neutral tones and whites. If blocking light from the patio is one of your goals, S-shaped vertical blinds have a shape that gives them a tighter closure and helps darken your room. Vertical blinds are also among the easiest window treatments to clean. Simply wipe them down with a clean cloth to keep your blinds looking brand new.&nbsp;</p> <p>While Vertical blinds make for all-purpose window treatments that work in a number of situations, they can still be customized with upgrades you might normally expect from higher-end window treatments. Keep things simple with smooth slats, or choose from a number of textured slats to give the blinds a bit more style.&nbsp;</p> <p>When choosing which side you&rsquo;d like for your blinds to stack, consider your window&rsquo;s view, and whether or not the stack would obstruct it. Because of their guided track system and wider slats, Vertical blinds require a bit more mounting depth than most blinds. If you&rsquo;re placing them in a normal window (rather than a sliding glass door), you should check your window&rsquo;s depth. While vertical blinds do offer privacy and adjustable light control, it&rsquo;s not exactly their strong suit. If that&rsquo;s your number one priority, you may want to consider a different window treatment.&nbsp;</p> <p> offers a wide range of custom Vertical blinds to fit any sliding glass door, no matter the budget. Explore our full selection now to see which one is right for you! And if you need help choosing your perfect window covering, call 800-505-1905 to use our free design consulting services. Our expert designers are ready and waiting to help today!</p> <div><br /></div>