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A hit with homeowners and designers alike, Roller shades are popular because of their simplicity, their style, and affordability. Learn more about the benefits and features to find out if they're right for you.


Roller shades are a designer’s dream, providing an enormous fabric selection and the sleek profile you'd expect to find in a modern hotel, right in the comfort of your own home.

<p>Roller shades are a designer&rsquo;s dream, providing an enormous fabric selection and the sleek profile you'd expect to find in a modern hotel, right in the comfort of your own home. Roller shades roll up neatly at the top of your window when raised, and adorn your window with beautiful fabrics when lowered. If you&rsquo;re looking to make a design statement, Roller shades feature some of the most stylish patterns you can get for your windows in a variety of textures like tweeds and woven fabrics. Roller shades are all about choice, especially when it comes to colors. Find the right neutral tones or rich premium colors to accent your windows and walls perfectly. Be sure to order samples to see the fabrics in person.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>The fabric selection of Roller shades is more than just colors and patterns -- you can even choose how much light they&rsquo;ll let into your room. Blackout shades, for instance, will completely stop light at the window, making them the perfect choice for entertainment rooms, nurseries, or bedrooms. The durable fabric of Roller shades means they're also among the easiest window treatments to clean.&nbsp;</p> <p>With Roller shades, the options and upgrades don&rsquo;t stop with the fabric collection. You can customize your shade in almost any way you like. Customers love the Cordless lift option, which hides the control system to offer cord-free operation. This is a popular option for homes with children or pets. Be sure to check your product&rsquo;s description for more information on child safety. The variable materials of Roller shades means you can even choose the opacity of your shade for more or less light in your room. A higher opacity will block more light and give you more privacy from the outside, while a lower opacity will fill your room with gently colored light.&nbsp;</p> <p>The Continuous Cord Loop option keeps Roller shades modern and clutter free, with the controls taking up minimal space on a nearby wall or window frame. Simply pull the loop in either direction to raise or lower the shade with ease. It&rsquo;s an ideal choice for large, heavy shades that makes them easy to raise and lower. For the ultimate in convenience, upgrade your Roller shades with a Motorized lift system. This will allow you to roll up all of your shades at once with a single press of a button. Roller shades feature elegant finishing touches. Customize your shade with trims, beads, and bottom borders. Or top them off with cassette valances or reverse rolls to hide the shade&rsquo;s rolling mechanism and create a cleaner look.&nbsp;</p> <p>Inside mounted Roller shades will need to allow for space for the roller mechanism, which can result in a light gap on the edges. If you&rsquo;re looking for total blackout, you will want to consider an outside mount for complete coverage. Light-filtering fabrics may still show subtle silhouettes from the outside. For greater privacy, choose a blackout fabric.&nbsp;</p> <p> offers the most complete collection of designer Roller shades to decorate your home on any budget. Explore our full selection now to see which one is right for you. And if you need help choosing your perfect window covering, call 800-505-1905 to use our free design consulting services. Our expert designers are ready and waiting to help today!</p>