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Video: Coolaroo Exterior Shades Installation - Coolaroo Crank Shades
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Coolaroo Exterior Shades Installation - Coolaroo Crank Shades

Length: 2:00 Added: Dec-13 Views: 106842

Learn the how to Install Coolaroo Exterior Sun Shades with Crank Lift Control option in this brief video.


Need to know how to install Coolaroo Exterior Shades? You've come to the right place! These Coolaroo Sun Shade Installation shades provide quick and easy privacy, with a simple to use hand crank. This video provides an easy instructional overview on how to put these shades into place in five easy steps. They require no specialty tools or training, and everything you'll need is provided. Now let's get started! You'll need to start by measuring above your window. When you're measuring above your window, make sure you measure as level as possible, as this will affect how your shades will lay. When you've finished measuring, mark where you need to drill the holes. Now you'll need to install the clutch and idle end brackets. When you've completed this task, you can install the shade. To do this, you'll need to insert the clutch plug into it's unit, and then insert the idle end plug into the idle end unit, and snap into place. Now that your shade is in place, you should adjust the brackets so they fit snugly. There shouldn't be any gaps or open spaces. All  you have left to do is thread the bungee through the end cap and back through. This should be installed 5" under where the cord will stop. Now you're done! These Coolaroo Sun Shade Installation shades are easy to use, and protect your home from scorching summers, and freezing winters. They are ideal in any home, and will make a practical choice for you and your family!