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Video: How to Install Window Blinds and Shades
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How to Install Window Blinds and Shades

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Ready to install your custom blinds from, or want to do some research before you order? Here's a basic overview of how to install most window blinds and shades.


Ready to install your custom blinds from, or want to do some research before you order? You're in the right place. Here's a basic overview of how to install most window blinds and shades. However, these steps are generalized. For more specific steps, be sure to consult the blinds installation instructions that come in your box, or find your product-specific guide here:


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<p> gives you a couple options to finish your window decorating project with a perfect installation.</p> <p>If you&rsquo;d rather leave it to the pros, check out professional measure and installation services. You can kick back and get a perfect installation -- at a price that can&rsquo;t be beat.&nbsp; Consider yourself more of the do-it-yourself type? We can help you every step of the way.</p> <p>Right now we&rsquo;re going to walk you through the basics of window covering installation. All you need are a few tools and ten to twenty minutes.</p> <p>Blinds can typically be installed inside the window frame, known as an inside mount&hellip;</p> <p>...Outside the frame on the window trim, known as an outside mount&hellip;</p> <p>And sometimes they can even be installed from the ceiling.&nbsp;</p> <p>The most common installation is an inside mount, which is what we recommend in most cases. An inside mount provides a cleaner, contained look in the window, it prevents the window covering from being jostled from side to side, and it&rsquo;s usually easier to install.</p> <p>However, there may be times when an outside mount is necessary, depending on your situation and product.</p> <p>Before we get started, there are a few things you can do to make your installation process go smoothly. First, move any furniture that might get in the way. You want to give yourself a large area to work in, to make installation easier, and prevent damage to your furniture.</p> <p>If you&rsquo;re working on a larger window, make sure you have someone else ready to assist, before you get started. Next, always check your box to ensure your product is as ordered and you&rsquo;ve received all the parts necessary for your installation.&nbsp;</p> <p>If you find any damage or missing parts, call 800-505-1905 and one of our friendly Customer Service associates will get you taken care of ASAP.</p> <p>Finally, always read the installation instructions for your specific product before installing. If instructions aren&rsquo;t included in the box, you can find them on the product page, under the Product Specifications section.</p> <p>Now let&rsquo;s talk about the tools you&rsquo;ll need to have ready:</p> <p>1.<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>Screwdriver</p> <p>2.<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>Drill</p> <p>3.<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>Drill bits from ⅛&rdquo; to &frac14;&rdquo;</p> <p>4.<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>Level</p> <p>5.<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>Steel measuring tape</p> <p>6.<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>Pencil</p> <p>7.<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>Safety goggles</p> <p>8.<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>Step-stool (if necessary to reach higher windows)</p> <p>9.<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>Drywall anchors (if installing into drywall without studs)</p> <p>Got your tools ready to go? Great! Let&rsquo;s take a look at the installation process, which consists of three basic steps.</p> <p>The first step is to install your mounting brackets. Whether your window treatments are inside or outside mount, mounting brackets always go up first. Note that if you&rsquo;re mounting into drywall and there are no studs, you need to use drywall anchors to support the weight of your window covering.</p> <p>At this point we want to should refer to your product&rsquo;s instructions for more information on the exact placement and other recommendations for how to install your brackets.</p> <p>Generally, the best way to do it is to hold your brackets in place and mark with a pencil where you need to drill. Once you&rsquo;ve marked precisely where your brackets will go, pre-drill, and then install the brackets. Next, if your product comes with a valance, place the valance clips on your product&rsquo;s headrail. If there&rsquo;s no valance, you can skip this step.</p> <p>Once your mounting brackets are in place -- and valance clips if applicable -- the next step is to place your blind or shade into the mounting brackets. This should be quick and easy if you installed your brackets properly. And finally, install your valance, if applicable. Usually the valance will easily snap right into place.</p> <p>With your product fully installed, check to make sure it operates properly. If everything works correctly, you&rsquo;re all done! Your windows look great and are ready to enjoy!</p> <p>Keep in mind that this is installation at its most basic. Certain types of window coverings, such as shutters, will have notable differences, and some will require additional parts or tools. For more-detailed instructions on how to install blinds, shades, shutters, or drapes, you can visit;s installation page and find the appropriate category, or find instructions for any product on the product page. And if you still feel like you could use help, call 800-505-1905 to speak with one of our expert window decorators.</p> <p>Whether it&rsquo;s on your own, or with the help of one of our knowledgeable experts, has the right solution and support easily available when it comes to window treatment installation!</p> <div><br /></div>