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Video: How to Measure and Install Simplicity Wood Shutters
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How to Measure and Install Simplicity Wood Shutters

Length: 1:47 Added: Dec-26 Views: 70032

Measuring and installation for our Simplicity Shutter could not be easier. In this short video you'll see just how simple it is!


Are you wondering how to measure for shutters, and how to install shutters? This video gives a simple step- by-step demonstration of how to easily install these Simplicity Wood Shutters from These plantation shutters require no specialty tools or training, and are perfect for beginning home improvisers! Screws are provided, and all you'll need for this project is a Phillip's screwdriver, measuring tape, and a power drill. Now let's get started! You'll need to start by lifting the shutter panels off of the frame, and set them aside. Lift-away hinges have been installed to maximize ease in this task. Now, join the frames together, and set the frame on the window.

Locate your pre-drilled holes, and drill in the provided screws with a square head drill bit. Only drill in the top left and right screws to start with. Once you've drilled in the top screws, its time to install the shutter panels into the frame. Make sure the panels are placed evenly, and squared. Move the bottom left or right if needed to even the shutters out. Once it looks even, place the remaining screws into the pre-drilled bottom holes. As a finishing touch, cover the holes by adding the provided fast cap stickers. That's it! These interior shutters add an elegant touch to any room, and you can easily install these shutters on trimmed windows or sheet rock openings. These shutters are easy to put together and they will add privacy and comfort to your home.