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Video: The Benefits of Cordless Lift
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The Benefits of Cordless Lift

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Raise and lower your shade with style and ease using a cordless lift system. Learn more in this short video.


A cordless lift for blinds or shades means you can open or close them with just the touch of a finger. Cordless window shades also mean that when your product is raised, you won't have dangling cords blocking your view. Plus, for some styles, choosing cordless can be a safer choice if you have small kids or pets at home. 

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<p>Raise and lower your shades with style and ease with our cordless lift system. An increasingly popular option available on many shades and blinds, a cordless lift system will enhance the look of your room by eliminating the visual distraction of cords, leaving your windows with clean, unobstructed views.&nbsp;</p> <p>Because they use no cords to raise or lower, cordless lift systems are a safe option for homes with small children and pets.&nbsp;</p> <p>To lower your shade, simply pull on the handle or bottom rail down to the desired position.&nbsp; To raise your shade, gently push the bottom rail up. For elegant design, ease of use, and safety, cordless shades are a perfect choice.</p> <div><br /></div>