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Video: How to Install a Grommet Valance -

How to Install a Grommet Valance - » InstValGrommet - Video Gallery
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How to Install a Grommet Valance -

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Measuring and installation of a Grommet Valance is easy. In this short video, you will see just how simple it is!


Measuring and installation of a Grommet Valance is easy. In this short video, you will see just how simple it is!

Fabric valances allow you to maintain your view while adding a decorative flair to your window. They can be used on their own, or as the perfect finishing compliment to your existing blinds or shades. Fabric valances are easy to install, in this short video you will see just how simple it is. Your valance may be hung above your window at any height that you prefer.  Placing your valance higher will make your window look bigger and block less of your view. Place your valance at varying heights to determine what looks best for you. To begin your installation, measure 4" to the outside of your window opening and make a guide mark above your window at the height you have selected for your valance rod, then repeat on the right. Align the top of your bracket on your pencil mark and then make two guide marks through the bracket holes with a pencil. Plastic wall anchors are included for attaching your mounting hardware. Drill a hole on each mark to insert your anchor screws, and then gently tap your anchor screws into the holes until they are flush with the wall surface. Metal brackets come in two sections, an L-shaped section that is used to mount the bracket to the wall, and a second section that is used to hold the drapery rod. Begin by securing the short end of the L-shaped extension bracket to the wall with two screws.  Place the metal bubble located on the bottom of the rod holder into the groove on top of the L-shaped bracket. Slide the rod holder backward or forward along the groove to position the rod at the desired distance from the wall. Tighten together with the adjustment screw. Next, place your finial at the end of the rod. Secure your finial to the rod by turning your adjustment screw clockwise. Insert the rod through the opening at the top of the fabric and slide it through while gathering up the remaining material with your other hand. Attach the second finial to secure the valance fabric to your pole. Lift up your completed rod and carefully set it on your brackets. Secure the rod to your brackets by tightening the adjustment screws. Repeat on the right, and then fan out the material on the pole to the inside edges of your bracket. And that’s it! If you still have any questions just give us a call, it’s that easy.